Consulting that Addresses Your Unique Needs

Experience: Consulting

Consulting that Addresses Your Unique Needs

Experience: Consulting

No two clinical trials are alike; each holds its own unique set of circumstances. Some require full consulting but not implementation, from start to finish; others need only additional support on a component or two because you have your own in-house staff or other specialists working with you. This is why we can offer our services as part of a full-service project, as a standalone service, or simply consult on any component of a clinical trial where you need some unbiased guidance.

Whatever your requirement, SynteractHCR draws on our experience to help you successfully augment your team and navigate the complex drug development process. We have more than three decades directing Phase I – IV clinical development programs for emerging and small-to-mid-sized drug and device developers, across 3,700+ projects in multiple therapeutic areas, leading to more than 240 product approvals. Our global expertise has been utilized to date in 62 countries on 6 continents. And our global leaders are innovators in the industry, many of whom draw on multiple decades of experience, award-wins and experience in larger organizations where they honed their respective areas of specialization. We are the most powerful CRO of choice for this client segment that we have focused on for 30+ years.

Our deep “Shared Work-Shared Vision” culture means we collaborate with every client to tailor an approach to fit your specific project needs, often coming up with unique results others miss. Let us show you how we can help you get to decision points quickly, maintain high standards of quality, expand your reach, and solve your biggest challenges, whatever they may be.

Mindful Clinical Development

Contact us to discuss how we can best help you to address your biggest challenges, whether that’s patient recruitment, logistics, data management, regulatory liaisons, quality assurance, biostatistics, safety services or dealing with one-off challenges of innovative, new therapies. We are here for you!

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