Experienced Clinicians To Address Your Study Needs

Services: Medical Monitoring

Experienced Clinicians To Address Your Study Needs

Services: Medical Monitoring

SynteractHCR’s medical monitors are experienced clinicians and clinical research associates who work as part of your team and are available to you 24 hours a day, if necessary, giving you peace of mind that your study is continuously covered by a knowledgeable expert you can trust.

Our medical monitors offer expertise across therapeutic areas to guide your investigational sites and project teams, advising on responses to questions regarding inclusion/exclusion of patients, review of lab data, and review of SAEs.

They draw on years of experience to help with development of protocol and global safety plans, and regulatory submissions. Experienced in working with Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) and Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs), they also regularly interact with our safety surveillance group to prepare client- and/or study-specific global safety plans for SAEs. They also interact with our medical coding group to establish study-specific coding conventions for SAEs, AEs, and concomitant medications.

Whether we are working on small Phase I studies or larger, late-phase international trials, SynteractHCR’s medical monitoring support flexes to address your changing needs.

“While some CROs have ‘silo’ mentalities, SynteractHCR is different. Our refreshing approach to collaborating and operating across functional groups allows us to thoughtfully and flexibly support customer projects and achieve their objectives.” -John Whitaker, executive director, Biostatistics at SynteractHCR

We’ve executed more than 3,700 projects across multiple therapeutic areas in 62 countries on 6 continents.
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